The Men's Shed provides a special place where retired men can get together and enjoy doing 'blokey stuff' in the company of other like-minded men.
Come along .... it's a great place !

The Forest Community Men's Shed

The Forest Community Men's Shed Inc. is an incorporated association based in the Sydney suburb of Belrose. The Men’s Shed provides a woodworking and hobbies workshop facility and 'drop-in centre' for retired and older aged men, where they can meet and socialise with other men and at the same time work on personal or community projects.

The Men's Shed has been established to provide a 'shed substitute' for retired men who may no longer have access to their own shed, garage or work-space they can call their own. Every bloke needs a shed !

Whether through down sizing of the family home or through other circumstances, retired men who no longer have access to their own 'special work area' can use the facilities of The Men's Shed and at the same time enjoy the company of other men and 'a cuppa' in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by blokes working shoulder-to-shoulder with other like-minded blokes.

Men's Shed members have access to an extensive range of woodworking tools and equipment that ordinarily may not be available to most hobbyists and handymen or to those with limited space. The workshop has been established and equipped under the guidance of a project steering committee comprising woodworking craftsmen, trade and engineering professionals and business managers.

The supervision of day-to-day activities is undertaken on a voluntary basis by a Shed Co-ordinator in conjunction with Shed members who have been appointed as workshop supervisors. Overall management of The Men's Shed is also undertaken on a voluntary basis by a management committee comprising the office bearers of the association and Men's Shed members. Additional guidance and support is provided by representatives of the co-founding principal project sponsors.

Membership of The Men's Shed is subject to a nominal annual membership fee; as well members are requested to make a ‘token’ contribution each time they attend, to help toward the cost of providing refreshments and to cover incidental operating expenses. Members are requested to bring their own lunch if attending all day.

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What We Do

Members are welcome and indeed encouraged to bring their own projects to work on at The Shed and as well, are invited to participate in small community projects such as building useful items for local charities, pre-schools, primary schools, kindergartens, hospitals and retirement centres etc. As well, The Shed is happy to make 'one-off' special items for disadvantaged members of the local community. All Men's Shed activities are conducted on the premises.

Projects that members may wish to undertake are limited only by their imaginations although, due to space limitations, excessively large projects cannot be accommodated. Members have made rocking horses, billy carts, tables, stools, bread & cheese boards, BBQ trolleys, mail boxes, doll's houses, wooden trains and many other toys. Some members have turned out beautiful timber pieces on lathes, while others have crafted jewel boxes, statuettes and chess sets. The list is endless. The one thing that members would appear to share in common, is their enjoyment of doing things in the company of other men.

As a means of raising funds for raw materials and workshop consumables, members are encouraged to make items that can be sold at community markets, fairs, shopping malls etc. The sale of such items is undertaken in collaboration with the local Lions and Rotary clubs.

The Shed is supervised at all times by suitably qualified personnel and there is no requirement for members to have any previous experience in using the tools or equipment. Appropriate work safety practices are enforced and tuition on the use of all equipment is provided as needed.

Visitors are always welcome .... no appointment or prior booking is required, simply call in and meet the members, share a cuppa and a yarn.

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Membership of The Forest Community Men's Shed Inc. is open to men aged 55 years and over who have retired from full time work and whose application to join the association is accepted by the management committee.

Membership is subject to acceptance of The Men's Shed association’s constitution and by-laws, The Men’s Shed code of conduct and compliance with The Shed's published Operating Guidelines and Occupational Health & Safety procedures. Although The Shed is supervised at all times, all members are required to participate in appropriate training and tuition in order to be accredited to use the workshop tools and equipment.

To join The Men's Shed Association, simply visit during opening hours and chat with The Shed coordinator and with members. You will be made most welcome.

Enquiries concerning possible membership for men who have, or may be considered to have a disability, should be made by contacting The Shed coordinator. Every effort is made to accommodate the needs of those with disabilities, however some forms of disability may preclude membership for reasons of member safety and well-being. Confidentiality is assured.


Contact Us

Men's Shed Telephone No:- 9975 9373
(during opening hours)

Email Us:-

The Forest Community Men’s Shed Association
President:- Tim O'Sullivan
Mob:- 0418 191 121

Shed Coordinator:- Paul Moore

Postal Address:- c/- Wesley Gardens, 2B Morgan Rd, Belrose, 2085

Opening Times

The Men's Shed is open between 10.00 am & 3.00 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Closed on weekends & public holidays

Limited on-site parking is available with disabled access
Ample off-site parking in Morgan Rd

Public transport - 'Forest Coachlines' buses stop at Wesley Gardens
on Forest Way, with links to Forest Way & Glenrose Shopping Centres

How To Find Us

Location:- Carpark level, Wesley Gardens Retirement Centre,
Morgan Rd, Belrose (off Forest Way)

Entrance via driveway 2E
Take the lower road and enter via automatic roller door

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Other Men's Sheds

The location and contact details of other Men's Sheds
can be found on the Association website

The Forest Community Men's Shed is a foundation member of
The Australian Men's Shed Association

Our Principal Supporters

The Forest Community Men's Shed Inc. is a non-profit
community outreach project

The founding joint sponsors were the Lions Club of Frenchs Forest,
Uniting Care Ageing and the Rotary Club of Belrose.

These organisations remain committed to providing continuing support for
The Men’s Shed Project.

The project has been financially assisted through grants from
the Commonwealth Dept. of Veterans' Affairs,
Forestville RSL Club and Sub-Branch and Warringah Council

The Men's Shed Management Committee
is particularly indebted to UnitingCare Ageing-Northern Sydney Region
for its ongoing support of this important community project

UnitingCare Ageing

Lions Club of Frenchs Forest

Rotary Club of Belrose

Dept. Veterans' Affairs

Forestville RSL

Aged Services

History of
The Forest Community Men's Shed

The project to establish The Forest Community Men's Shed commenced in September 2004, when Frenchs Forest Lions Club member Tim O'Sullivan saw the opportunity to establish a community meeting place and 'drop-in' centre specifically aimed at improving the health, well-being and quality of life of retired and older aged men in the greater Forest area. To gauge support for the project he developed and distributed a Community Discussion Paper outlining the project aims and objectives and calling for individuals and organisations to commit their support.

The project's principal objective was to create a Men's Shed woodworking workshop and hobby centre to be modelled on the very successful
Lane Cove Community Men's Shed that had been established in 1998.

Responding to the Community Discussion Paper, the Lions Club together with the Rotary Club of Belrose and UnitingCare Ageing-Northern Sydney Region agreed to become joint principal sponsors of the proposed Men's Shed. Representatives from these three organisations together with representatives from Warringah Council-Aged Services, the Forestville RSL Sub Branch and the local community agreed to form an interim planning committee to further evaluate the feasibility of the project. Having completed its initial assessment, the interim committee was formally established as a steering committee and thereafter guided the project through the development phase to completion.

To further determine the extent of support for the concept of a Men's Shed, a series of community meetings were organised at which the aims and objectives of the project were outlined. Those attending the meetings were asked to respond to a survey and the data gathered, indicated very strong community support for the project, particularly from men who were no longer working.

Following several years of planning and exhaustive research by the steering committee into possible sites for The Men's Shed, a suitable location was eventually identified and made available by UnitingCare Ageing-Northern Sydney Region at the Wesley Gardens Retirement facility in Belrose.

Having secured an appropriate site, there followed a further period of nearly two years during which the steering committee developed detailed plans and budgets for setting up The Men's Shed facility. Throughout this period an enormous amount of voluntary time and labour was provided by members of both the Lions and Rotary clubs in order to convert the site from 'bare floor and walls' into a functional woodworking workshop.

Regular media publicity of The Men's Shed project throughout the planning phase attracted enthusiastic support from the local community with generous offers of tools, equipment and raw materials. Prior to The Shed being opened and in order to promote the new facility and further raise community awareness, the steering committee held a community 'open day' that attracted a large number of visitors, many of whom subsequently joined as members.

The Men's Shed commenced limited operations in mid 2007, opening one day per week. The facility was officially opened on April 3rd, 2008 and was incorporated as an association in October 2013. The Shed now operates four days each week.

Financial support for the Men's Shed project was initially provided through donations from the then principal sponsors, with some supplementary grants from government bodies. Today, The Shed’s management committee is responsible for securing all of the necessary funding required to operate the facility as a non-profit community outreach project and the committee welcomes any financial or other assistance the community can provide. Financial contributions can be made by contacting The Men’s Shed President via email through the 'Contact Us' link above.