Membership of The Forest Community Men’s Shed Inc. is open to men aged 55 years and over who have retired from full-time work and whose application to join the association is accepted by the management committee.

Membership is subject to acceptance of The Men’s Shed association’s constitution and by-laws**, The Men’s Shed code of conduct and compliance with The Shed’s published Operating Guidelines and Occupational Health & Safety procedures. Although The Shed is supervised at all times, all members are required to participate in appropriate training and tuition in order to be accredited to use the workshop tools and equipment.

To join The Men’s Shed Association, simply visit during opening hours and chat with The Shed coordinator and with members. You will be made most welcome.

Enquiries concerning possible membership for men who have, or may be considered to have a disability, should be made by contacting The Shed coordinator. Every effort is made to accommodate the needs of those with disabilities. However, some forms of disability may preclude membership for reasons of member safety and well-being. Confidentiality is assured.

bject to prospective members undertaking at their own expense, a NSW Criminal Police Check. Shed membership is not available to persons who have been convicted of certain crimes.

The Management Committee sincerely apologises to prospective members and to current members for this unprecedented regulation over which The Men’s Shed Committee has no control as it is a mandatory requirement laid down by the Uniting Church that owns and manages the Wesley Gardens Aged Care facility on which The Shed is co-located.